Arpac Hellas Ltd, member of Arkas Hellas SA. group, was established in 2012 with the aim to represent PIL (Pacific International Lines) a shipping company that offers container liner services covering the whole of Far East, Indian subcontinent, Red sea/Gulf, East & Southwest Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Since 2015 Arpac Hellas Ltd represents also Mariana Express Lines (MELL) to cover the needs of Micronesia and the Pacific.

Pacific International Lines (PIL) incorporated in 1967, has developed from a coastal ship-owner/operator in Singapore to become one of the largest ship owners in Asia. Today, it is ranked 15th amongst the top container operators in the world. PIL has diversified into logistics, related activities such as supply chain management, consolidation / distribution facilities, warehousing, container depot operations, trucking as well as having interest in ship-agencies worldwide, container manufacturing and marine engineering. PIL today owns and operates a fleet of 175 vessels with a total TEU capacity of 362754 TEUs, 10 new container vessels of 39000 TEUs total capacity and 1 new multipurpose vessel will also be delivered by December 2015.

Founded in 1997, Mariana Express Lines (MELL) is a container liner operator headquartered in Singapore. Focusing on niche routes in the Asia-Pacific region, using Hong Kong and Kaoshiung as hubs, MELL currently carries containers between China, Southeast Asia, Japan, Australia and islands in the Pacific. By providing fully-integrated logistics and containerized transportation services, MELL is well respected in the industry for her customer-centric, personalized approach and is dedicated to serving the local communities.